Vehicle Standards Information No.50 (VSI 50)

Looks like VSI 50 is back on the agenda.

Remember the rush last year when VSI50 was introduced by the NSW RTA, there were not enough Signatories to go round.

The thing I remember most about this was how many desperate customers I had to turn away due to the fact that there are only so many hours in a day, and a looming 2 week cut-off date before VSI50 took effect. Of the vehicles inspected at this time, the majority of required minor (and in a few cases major) modifications in order to comply with both federal (ADR) and state regulations as well as general vehicle safety requirements. After the initial vehicle inspection many people were then faced with the dilemma of getting noted faults rectified, back to me for there final appoval inspection/testing, then into a blue slip garage (AUVIS), and finally submitting the information to the RTA, all within the RTA specified time constraints.

I recommend that all of you 4WD and airbagged mini-truck owners, get your vehicles booked in for a vehicle inspection before the VSI50 rush to avoid disappointment.

I also remember that in the panic of the period many people were consulting with Signatories of less than admirable ethics or those that had recently been deregistered by the RTA. Almost of these vehicles were inspected and defected by the RTA, and eventually deregistered. Remember if the bloke inspecting your vehicle does not spend a good couples of hours or so looking over your vehicle, nor does he even test drive your your vehicle, your are not getting a proper job. Let’s face it, the purpose of an Engineering Report is not so you can have a magical piece of paper that may bamboozle a young (wet behind the ears) general duties police officer who pulls you up. It is to ensure the your vehicle remains safe in its operation and continues to comply with all of the required regulations. Check that your Signatory is on the current RTA Signatory List and make sure that it is him who inspects your vehicle. To book in for an inspection and beat the rush contact us for a booking today.

Thats my thoughts anyway.

Stay Safe.


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